Looking for new members!

I’m looking for new blog members. I’m looking for people who will post regularly. I don’t how many followers you have as long as you are respectful. After you submit the short form below, I might message you and ask you a few questions. Thanks.



1.When posting/reblogging/queuing something, make sure you tag it with the MINIMUM of:

  • gl4m-our
  • glam
  • fashion
  • *your name* (so I know who posted it)
  • It would be good if you put “beautiful fashions. I follow back. in the caption

2. You may be as descriptive in the tags as you want. (vintage, long hair, thrifted, high waisted shorts, etc.)

3.Please do not respond to spam asks.

4.Make sure there is always something (at least 5 posts) in the queue.

5.No drama with any other blogs/members.

6. Eat. Sleep. Blog.

Form. (copy and paste into here.)




Personal Blog:

Email Address*:

*I need your email so Tumblr can send you an email on how to connect to this blog. You will get no spam whatsoever. 

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